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Christine Brunner Luse has been a Type I or insulin dependent diabetic since 1991. As a registered nurse with experience in public health, she understands the need for continued support and education for both those who are diabetic and the professionals who work with diabetics.

The following are presentations that she made in the past regarding diabetes to both professionals and the general public. She is available to speak on these or other related topics for continuing education, keynotes, conference workshops, or support groups.

The Only Thing I Can't Do Is Fly
Boone County Health Department, Belvidere, Illinois

Grief: The Missed Element Of Teaching New Diabetics
University of Illinois School of Medicine(M-2 students),
Rockford, IL

Stress and Boredom: Harder To Control Than Your A1c
DuPage County Health Department, Wheaton Illinois

Breastfeeding and Diabetes
Continuing Education Program for Lactation Consultants,
Chicago Illinois

Preparing for Pregnancy…Before Pregnancy
(psychological and family issues)

Rockford Memorial Hospital, Rockford, Illinois

Working with Women Experiencing High Risk Pregnancy:
a professional and patient oriented perspective

March of Dimes Nursing Workshops, Northern Illinois

Traditionally, these services are provided as a community service, accepting only stipends or payment for mileage if the travel is in excess of 100 miles, and if the organization or group has availability of funds.

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